Feature your North Carolina special needs or disability organization, service, resource, program, or event here on this website and resource guide!

I’ve started this website with the intention of forming a local guide for special needs families, a directory of sorts. Right now, this website is a blank slate. Now I just need the information. That is where you come in. I want to feature your organization, service, resource, program, or event here on this website.

No doubt you probably already have your own website with this information, but can I share something from the perspective of a parent?

Sometimes when you are sitting down to find the resources for your child, the options are so incredibly overwhelming. You can read descriptions and qualifications all day, but it’s really hard to know what’s going to work for your child on the information that is most often listed on a typical organization website.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with my computer, feeling guilty while my children are watching Netflix, just so I can research (yet again) to find the right fit for my child in a therapist or program. A few hours later, my eyes start to blur, the kids start to wail, dinner needs fixed, and I still feel no closer to the help we need.

It is my hope that these feature blog posts on my site will offer a bit beyond the cut-and-dried professionalism that ends up on your organization’s website.

What would you tell the exhausted special needs parent over a cup of coffee? This is what I want to know.

If you are interested in being featured, please fill out the following form. Once I have this information, I will reach out to you with additional questions directly related to your service or program and coordinate with you to get images for the blog post feature as well. This is just a way to start the conversation. 

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