Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) {Davidson}

ECAC, otherwise known as the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center, is the North Carolina Parent Training & Information Center. The PTI is funded by a grant from the US Office of Special Education Programs, and every state is required to have one as a result of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We provide free information and resources to families of children with special education & special health care needs. We can help parents navigate special education, prepare for IEP meetings, understand their rights and connect with resources. All of our Parent Educators are parents of children with disabilities.

We also have a FREE lending library. We have thousands of titles, including books and DVDs, available to lend to North Carolina parents, families, educators and other professionals. We have books on a variety of topics in both English & Spanish. We also have books for children.

Other services include the following:

ECAC has a very full events calendar, including webinars and local seminars for parents.

ECAC has a section of their website dedicated to children and youth with health care needs, including an amazing Care Notebook resource.

Additionally, ECAC runs a program known as the NC Deaf-Blind Project. A project of ECAC, in collaboration with the NC Department of Public Instruction, Exceptional Children Division and East Carolina University, the NC Deaf-Blind Project provides a variety of free supports and services designed to meet the needs of families with children who have deaf-blindness, birth to 22, and their educators.

Website: https://www.ecac-parentcenter.org/

Individual Point of Contact Name: Aimee Combs

Address: 907 Barra Row, Suites 102/103 Davidson, NC 28036

Phone: 704-892-1321

Fax: 704-892-5028

Parent Info Line: 800-962-6817

Email: ecac@ecacmail.org

Basic pay / insurance information: All of our services to NC families are at NO COST!


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