If special needs parents have one big need in their life, the most obvious need would definitely be coffee, am I right? Which is why I was so excited to discover that there’s a coffee shop in Downtown Winston Salem founded by a 10-year-old with disabilities that also employs individuals with disabilities. Today’s post is a little feature about Cam’s Coffee Co.!

The Story


Camden, affectionately called Cam, suffers from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), causing both cognitive and physical delays. Simple tasks, such as tying shoes or holding a pencil are extremely difficult for Cam. As he aged, he became increasingly aware of his shortcomings, and his self-esteem suffered greatly. We started a pop-up style coffee business as a hobby to help him elevate his strengths and to be empowered with the knowledge that he is a person of value who adds value to everyone with whom he interacts.”

Cam wasn’t diagnosed with TBI until he was in elementary school. This year, he’s homeschooling, which gives him the freedom to take part in running his business!

The Staff

Cam’s Coffee Co. is run by Cam’s mom, Latasha and Cam, and together they employ other people with disabilities.

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem | Latasha

“Today, with support from our community, we are the first organization to create gainful employment opportunities specifically for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities in the Winston-Salem area.


We aim to establish a school-to-work pipeline that helps those with disabilities to find a sense of self and independence through gainful employment and life enrichment.”

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem

The Coffee Shop

Cam’s Coffee Co. is located in a little corner of downtown Winston Salem at the corner of Chestnut and 1st Street.

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem hours of operation

Unfortunately, downtown Winston has made some recent changes to their parking situation, making it much more difficult to find a non-metered spot close to the shop. Make sure to bring cash or quarters when you come for a visit. I personally parked in a garage about six blocks away! (It was worth the walk!)

Cam’s shop is fairly small and does not really offer a lot of indoor seating. They do have outdoor seating on warm days.

(Cam’s mom informed me that they hope to possibly move locations in the future for better parking and seating.)

Those who visit frequently can put in their telephone number at checkout to be added to Cam’s Coffee Co. Rewards Program!

The Support

On top of all they do to gainfully employ individuals with disabilities, they also work hard to show support to the community. During the month of April, Cam’s coffee participated in Autism Awareness Month by offering “Light it up blue!” themed treats.

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem blue velvet cupcakes

Visit Cam's Coffee Co. in Downtown Winston Salem blue velvet cupcakes

Cam’s Coffee Co. also sells their products online, making it easy for people who aren’t local to Winston Salem to support individuals with disabilities from afar.

Every purchase you make gives 35% directly to individuals with special needs.

If you ever have a chance to visit Cam’s Coffee Co. in person, I hope that you do!

You can also follow them on social media: YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram.

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