About This Site

This website is designed for special needs parents and families to have the ultimate resource regarding special needs and disability support in the Triad, North Carolina area.

While other local sites may have directories, guides, or a few resources – it is our hope that this site becomes the go-to place for special needs families to find real help and support, when and where they need it.

Whether you are a parent who has lived here your entire life but is staring down a new diagnoses, or a family considering a transfer to this area wondering where to start to find the services YOUR family needs – I hope and pray that this site will be exactly what you need.

About the Author

My name is Aprille. I’m a 30-something special needs parent who has been blogging for the last 10 years on my own personal site about our family’s specific challenges. As a result of our own special needs journey with our eldest son, I found my site growing rapidly in regard to special needs content. I began running a separate Facebook page and two separate Facebook groups out of my main blog. One of these groups I dedicated to connecting with local parents. As this Facebook group grew, I felt led to create this second website to compile a directory and local resource guide for the Triad area.

Personally, I live in Winston Salem and my family deals with diagnoses of anxiety, ADHD combined type, sensory processing disorder, and disruptive mood disorder. We have personally received services here locally, including behavioral day treatment, intensive in home services, outpatient therapy, and occupational therapy – as well as exceptional child educational services within the WSFCS district.

You can find our family’s website here at Beautiful in His Time.